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Beauty Sensations x Michelle Dy Basics Duo Make Up Blender


Sponges that give a flawless airbrush blend. These Latex-free and Hypoallergenic sponges are perfect for a dewy, skin-finish look. Both can be used to apply primers, foundation, powders and creams. The package includes two makeup sponges 1 pc Edgeless Makeup Sponge 1 pc Multi-Functional Makeup Sponge What it does: The large rounded side is used for a quick application on the larger areas of the face while the contoured tip gives precision to the smaller areas. The flat area is used around the eyes and nose. These sponges offer flawless makeup application for natural looking skin. How To Use: Wet sponge with water then squeeze out the excess liquid for a dewy finish. Apply liquid foundation or powder to face then pat lightly for even distribution.

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