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BLK Cosmetics Fresh Beauty Fridge 6L

$223.99 $279.99

Keep your newest blk cosmetics skincare and makeup chilled with the limited edition blk Fresh Beauty Fridge! This cute mini fridge is the perfect addition to any bathroom or vanity! It keeps your makeup/skincare products fresh and levels up your skincare routine with a cooling effect!

This on-the-go fridge features a stunning glossy finish with magnetic door handles that will surely secure all your beauty items in place.  The handle on top ensures convenience of use, so you have the option to take it anywhere with you!

blk cosmetics Fresh Hydrating + Brightening Glow Face Mask - Wondermelon
blk cosmetics Fresh Skin-Hydrating Ultra-Fine Mist - Wondermelon
blk cosmetics Fresh Creamy All-Over Paint - Very Berry
blk cosmetics Fresh Deep Moisture + Collagen Face Mask - Coco Crush
blk cosmetics Fresh Tinted Balm - Wondermelon
blk cosmetics Fresh Collagen + Vitamin E Makeup Removing Wipes - Wondermelon
blk cosmetics Fresh Exfoliating Lip Scrub - Coco Crush
blk cosmetics Fresh Tinted Balm - Very Berry
blk cosmetics Fresh All-Day Lip and Cheek Tint - Feeling Peachy
blk cosmetics Fresh All-Day Lip and Cheek Tint - Very Berry
blk Fresh Beauty Fridge

Fridge Specs:
1.Power: DC12V,AC100V-240V
3.Power consumption: 48W±10%
4.Cooling: Down to 5°C at 25°C ambient
5. Heating: 50-65°C by thermostat
6. Insulation:High density EPS
7.Equipped with long life brushless motor (30,000 hours)


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