Seoul White Korea

Seoul White Korea DIY Acne Facial Set: Whip Soap + Serum Toner + Blackhead Extractor


For Pre order. Available mid of July 2021

What’s included:

1 x Seoul White Korea BYE BYE ACNE AHA BHA PHA Serum Toner

1 x Seoul White Korea BYE BYE ACNE Pimple- fighting Whip Soap (with free 6pcs Pimple Patch)

1 x BYE BYE ACNE Blackhead Extractor

Key Ingredients:

Cica Extract – Skin-Soothing

Tea Tree Oil – Anti-Acne

Salicylic Acid – Deep Cleansing

AHA + BHA + PHA – Gentle Exfoliation



1. For Whip Soap: Wet the soap bar with water and rub until a whipped foam forms. Massage onto skin then rise with water. Use daily on face.

2. For Serum Toner: Pour a small amount on a cotton pad and gently sweep the pad across the face and beck. Allow it to dry before applying your next product.

3. For Pimple Patch: Apply the pimple patch on the pimple after removing the film. The color of the patch will change from transparent to white after absorbing the pus from the pimple. Change as often as needed.

4. For Blackhead Extractor: Steam your face for 5-10 minutes and cleanse. Gently press the device and glide on skin without keeping it in one place.

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