Silk Organix

Silk Organix Facial Wax Strips Grapefruit 8pcs

$4.99 $6.99

Dermatologist Tested & Suitable for sensitive skin

With Aloe Vera and Almond Extract

Ready to use Just rub, peel and go

For all hair types; for face and underarm.


1. Rub the wax strips between your hands for 30 seconds until wax feels warm.

2. Make sure that the skin is clean; dry and free of oil and moisturizers.

3. Gently pull the strips apart and check if each side of the strip has the same amount if wax.

4. Apply the strips over the hair and wait for approximately 5 seconds to ensure that the strips is securely fixed in the skin.

5. Keep the wax strip taut to the skin. Using the other hand; hold the edge tab of the strip then pull it back in one swift motion at the opposite direction of hair growth. Faster you remove the strip; the more effective it will be. You may re-use each strip several times until it loses its stickiness.

6. After Waxing; remove any excess wax with post depilatory wipes provided. If you run out of wipes; you may use baby oil.

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