SNAILWHITE Cleansing - 50 ml



Gently and effectively melts away all the makeup, dirt, and grime from your skin without leaving an oily or greasy film.


Lifting away all impurities accumulated by your skin during the day for a clean and fresh complexion.

Complete your double-cleansing routine with SNAILWHITE Cleansing! Its Quick-Cleansing Technology effectively removes and gently melts away all the heavy makeup, dirt, sunscreen, oil, and grime from your skin. This special ultra lightweight formula deeply cleanses the pores without clogging them, saving you from visibly enlarged pores and potential breakouts. Snail Potion works to nourish the skin to reveal plump and soft skin after every cleanse. Easily remove makeup up and dirt without the oily or greasy feel with SNAILWHITE Cleansing.


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